Friday, November 20, 2009


This morning I read great post on Decor8. Everything what Holly wrote there is true. All over the world there are house decorating or fashion magazines with colorful, bright photos of ideal life. So different from our reality. Also in Poland.

We have two types of magazines. Luxury ones, with sophisticated interiors full of brand new design furniture and decorations, like "Dom i wnętrze", "Elle decoration", "Weranda" or "Villa". And these with more ordinary houses but also with nice photos and trendy furniture. It’s worth to mention here "Cztery kąty" or "Mój piękny dom".

When you look through magazines from the first group it is hard to imagine that polish people have such apartments. With the second group is easier to believe but still it is not common. We are trying to measure up their level but it is not easy.

In my gray and sad country people like me, who everyday opens many house decorating blogs, watch such tv shows, read magazines can fall in depression. It’s hard to afford to buy in-style furniture or beautiful decorations. It is still something luxurious. We have to get around in different way. And I think it is a great success when you without much money create your space comfortable and nice.

Photos from Villa.

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